About Little Realty Inc.

About Little Realty

Little Realty Inc. is a small, independent, boutique brokerage that specializes in residential and commercial sales, commercial property management, and Home Owner Association management. It is a locally owned and operated company run by experienced broker and real estate agent Jeri Little with the help of 2nd generation Realtor, Elissa Little.   In 2003, the Little family purchased a historical building in danger of being demolished with dreams of a future home for Little Realty.   After six years of top to bottom renovations and hard work, Little Realty opened its doors to a new office in October 2009.   The building that was once known as The Weisman’s Toy Store in the 1940s, is now a thriving part of Downtown Shreveport and the home of Little Realty Inc.

Since 2003, Little Realty Inc. has been helping families and businesses in Louisiana find their perfect property whether it is a new home or commercial building. They offer a variety of Real Estate services and pride themselves on being licensed by the Louisiana Real Estate Commission.

When choosing Little Realty Inc. for your real estate needs, you will first and foremost realize that they do not treat their clients as mere transitions or numbers on a spreadsheet. All clients and prospective clients of Little Realty Inc. are regarded as VIPs and will be treated ethically, professionally, and fairly at all times—owner Jeri Little wouldn’t have it any other way as she goes above and beyond to make sure each client’s needs are respected and met without hesitation.

Little Realty Inc. promises to listen to their client’s requirements and makes every effort to ensure that these expectations are not just met but exceeded. Jeri Little runs her company by striving to be hands on from beginning to end, personally making sure that each client is satisfied. She is dedicated to making the client’s buying and selling goals come to fruition. Jeri does not view her job as simply an 8-5 obligation, but strives to work effortlessly until her client’s dreams have been met.  She is not only committed to her job but also loves what she does and has a passion for helping people achieve their buying and selling goals. First and foremost, Little Realty Inc. is dedicated to providing professionalism and exceptional service to their clients, holding themselves to the highest standards possible. 

While buying and selling your dream property can seem stressful and overwhelming, Little Realty Inc. takes this burden off of their clients’ hands, making sure that they are never confused during the process.

Little Realty Inc.’s motto is “We do not strive to be the biggest real estate company in town, but we do strive to be the best in listening to our clients’ goals and objectives, caring about what matters to our clients, and working in our clients’ best interest at all times.” They are dedicated to being honest and straightforward with their clients, and promise to make their clients’ realty dreams a reality. #putaLITTLEloveinyourHOME